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Secrets of the Trees

A Novel by Alissa Lukara

Nikkie, a twenty-two-year-old dancer performing at the Hollywood Bowl, is about to become a star. Instead, at the height of her performance, she is sent reeling by the vision of a girl and her parents being shot in a forest in 1940s Latvia. Knowing she will not be able to dance again until she solves the mystery of the vision, she goes on a quest to Latvia, the land of their ancestors, to uncover the secrets hidden in the trees of her vision and to find the father she has never met.

What if the trauma of ancestors we have never met can still haunt our lives today? The new novel, Secrets of the Trees by author Alissa Lukara, takes readers on one woman's quest to heal ancestral trauma's impact on future generations in a story set in Latvia in 2003, thirteen years after the nonviolent Singing Revolution freed the country from fifty years of Soviet rule.


"An inspirational and transcendental story about the immeasurable powers of redemption and compassion." 

Midwest Book Review -  Writer Alissa Lukara's personal journey to heal CFS and trauma.

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